Why I can fortell with tarot cards.

Why I can fortell with tarot cards.

I can foretell  with tarot cards. Even though  I only use 22 cards called Major Arcana, I can do it without watching any manual. I remember why I did it but I’m ashamed to write it in Japanese, then writing it in English is fine.

Since my high school was preparatory school for boys, there were so many nerds and of course I was one of them and I belonged to Simulation game society.  The members were too nervous and I had no relationships with girls. Then I managed to join a pop music club and made a punk band with my friends. I felt I was lucky for the first time that I had played the piano in my childhood ( which I disliked) since it made me a good bass-guitar player..

When we were playing card games with society members, we were talking about our school summer festival. Since over 10,000 high school girls came to our festa, members of sports clubs and pop music clubs usually were  excited and made pop-up stores or haunted houses. 

However, simulation game society members weren’t involved in these actions, we were going to play games without high school girls as usual. Nevertheless, I wanted to change the situation and made discussion with members about  what should we do to attract girls.

Since we were good at playing card games, I proposed that we should foretell girls with tarot cards and took photos of them and asked addresses and TEL for sending them. All girls love fortune telling and we might get a few girlfriends. After that, we could get 100 girls addresses and tels for sending photo. In those days nobody had cell phones. We had to call their home and ask parents to give phones to their daughters and after that we asked to have a joint party. However, all society members were afraid of doing that, so I asked my classmates to have it, never shared with members of our pop music clubs since I was not so a nice guy then I didn’t want to give opportunities to more handsome guys in it.

Anyone can remember how to foretell with tarot cards by doing it for 100 girls. So I’ll do it if some guys read this article and ask me about it.