It would be my memory of 2020 with my son.

It would be my memory of 2020 with my son.

My son support my job since May 2020, the long holiday season that we call as Golden Week.

Now I want to give him the fee for his work, but I’ve given it as an allowance since children can’t work until be adult.
Now he is busy since all children have to study because they had to be absent from school for few months. Not only him all students have to cram for homework.
Additionally, He like study English, then he want to learn English more, especially about pronunciation of vowels and consonants in detail.
He is so canny that he can learn by himself without my support, but he looked like lost his purpose during staying our home.I thought he need some goal to do something, then I asked him to support my job.

In May, My job was building On-demand digital analytics training course on Moodle. Then I asked him to support me.
It looked difficult for him. He didn’t familiar with digital analytics and moodle. I asked him to learn my course and review the activities. He found a lot of mistakes and I could add more info on activities since they are too abstract.

He put emoticons like pollen, pesticides and herd of sheep. He changed answers with direct on the course then it looked blast and attractive than before.
He might be an entertainer unconsciously.
He made such contents by secondhand Mac book air but he used it so well.
We used to work in our office after having a lunch ( he often loved Tonkotsu-ramen), we resumed our work soon

I’m not a Psychiatry, but I guess he likes work than me.