It’s snowing and flowering.

It’s snowing and flowering.

Before leaving Cebu airport I told my children this trip would not be easy, but more like an adventure of Mine Craft survival mode in the nighttime. Therefore, we should do our best to come back to Japan alive. I was just kidding at that time, but it wasn’t a joke.

It was so difficult for us to find right directions to go to the International gate for Narita at Manila airport . There were so many misleading signs then we had to ask Filipino staff for help. I was telling my children that it was like a dungeon of a computer game where we had to search the correct route to Japan.

when we reached the entrance, we couldn’t lie on the bench since most of them were occupied by many passengers. So we decided to pass the immigration gate and to spend time at the boarding gate after having suppers because all shops were closed there.

We bought some water but we couldn’t take them with us since security check didn’t allow liquids at the baggage check gate. Therefore, fortunately I could pour free water in empty bottles that I brought with my baggage. We were wandering around and found sleeveless benches that allowed us to lie on and took naps for several hours.

After that, at 7AM we rode on airplane and we could back to the NRT airport. The temperature was under 5 Celsius degrees then the difference between JPN and PH was over 25 degrees.

When we reached our home town, Ikebukuro, it was showing. That day Japan Meteorological Agency declared that that day was flowering day of cherry blossom in Tokyo.

Our family felt so tired and sleepy that they came back to their home immediately without me. I came back after I got ingredients of hot pot for today’s dinner.

I was relieved to back to our home without so much troubles.