Couldn’t bring gift to my friend.

On Sunday, our family couldn’t wake up until 11 AM since we were so tired, and had branch in the noon.

After that, I went to my office to do some tasks and take a birthday video message for my friend who have lived in SG. My office was near Nishi-shinjuku Station and our office windows showed skyscrapers then they would be Instagramable background of my video message. I was great taken care of by her during staying SG so I would like to give a Phillipino small pouches that made from PH grocery-shop popular items’ packeges like juice or food ones.

However it didn’t come true because I couldn’t go SG. Singapore have ordered all Japanese Travellers to stay home for 14 days after enter SG.
The situation was changing everyday, I was thinking what we should contribute for something in this situation.

作成者: Toshiaki Ejiri

Born in Fukushima, working as web analytics consultant since 2000.


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