The hardest things in this year.

The hardest things in this year.

Today is the hardest day for me in this year.
My elder daughter tells us she has headache in the morning, and we often heard her grambles in the morning, then we ask her to go medical office for getting physical test, but she usually attended the class and didn’t go to the office, but today is not a the same day.

We regard that she doesn’t have illness and just feel tired but when she is lying on the sofa, a nurse have to ask Japanese staffs about her, and they tell us that. we should bring her to the hospital to see a doctor.

In the hospital, she said to the staff she might have stomach ache and feel discomfort additionally, pediatricians of the clinic refuse consulting and tells us to go to the ER to get consultant a doctor.

I’m worrying about that if she still says so unclear symptoms to the Filipino doctors, she must get hospitalized for weeks. I tell her if she were saying uncertain symptoms so much, her situation might become more terrible since wee couldn’t explain to the doctors about our daughter’s symptoms well in English, the medical staffs would like to back off from Japanese uncertain symptoms from the patients because of the fear of COVID-19.

Totally my elder daughter don’t tell easily she might have sick, but I have one mislead. I allow them to go to pool everyday that probably make them tired. I should have let my children make time to relax and take a rest.

Fortunately the doctor of ER tells us that my daughter is fine and the doctor gives us some medicine for headache and stomachache. Today we are going to make our children take a rest whole day.