The world is closing to Rastafari

The world is closing to Rastafari

I’ve been  an old reggae lover  since I was a high school student and I studied knowledge of reggae by magazines and listening  Jamaican culture topics from some reggae fans. 

Reggae is religious music based on Rastafari. In those days, I felt these religious beliefs were too strange for Japanese to understand. Nevertheless the world is closing to rastafari.

The devotees of Rastafari are not willing to have foods that are made by unknown people. especially made in Westerns. They want to have local foods that are made by knowns. 
And they love marijuana. they have it not only entertainment, Rastafari use it for religious ceremonies as sacred bread and wine for the Eucharist of Chathric. 

Nowadays the people  is getting more who prefer local foods that are made by people whom they know.Additionally marijuana is allowed in many states in the US  and some European countries (in Japan users are still outcast by using it) .

Their religion are based on old testament, Afro American is the promised people and they are coming back to promised land called Africa and they are still captivated in tenerment yard called Jamaica. 

The world is going to close to Rastafari beliefs