I went to my office for a while.

I went to my office for a while.

Today was a busy day. I wasn’t willing to, but I have to go to my office since and our accountant had asked me and my brother to meet offline. I haven’t go to my office for 2 weeks by train, and during riding a train I was feeling risks a little bit to have to stand too close to people.

I had an another meeting in 2:30 PM then I asked my brother to come as soon as possible if you can come earlier because I heard the meeting date was 1:30 and he was living near here and 30 minutes might be a flexible time for lunch.  However, the accountant made a mistake to ask my brother to come there 2PM then I was told my brother ‘ your mail contents is likely a king since to order to come soon without taking care of others’ schedule’ , then we have only 30 mins to figure out within the time in the bad mood.

He has been working as a typical temporary company employee then I and the account had to describe basic system of tas and stocks and finally he understood he was a relationship of our problem (before that, he didn’t think he didn’t have to take care of our father’ company but the company was one of our stocks, he could understand what we tried to).

However time was over and I joined other online meeting. They still had a meeting for 1 hour after my leaving, and finally he looked understood the situation but still didn’t know in detail.

It would take time to do it enough for him.

When we are getting older, we can do something better and easier, but we can’t focus on one thing more deeply since we have to take more other  things.