Only waste of one year is fine. If you don’t try it is worse.

Only waste of one year is fine. If you don’t try it is worse.

I was getting familiar with working in a co-working space.

Fortunately, I could occupy a seat that had a display that set at my eye level. Then I enjoyed working on it.

What I was working with my concentration on for a few days is building on-demand training of web analytics consultation for beginners, however I couldn’t make it so quickly. 

I realized the two reasons,first, I couldn’t figure out how long it would take to make it, and second nobody was sure if it would be attractive or not, even though I would waste so much time.

    My idea of the course is a type of gamification that has stories and characters of business scenes and teaches web analytics and consulting by working with characters and experiencing marketing situations.

It’s very difficult for me to build a realistic and easy-going synario. I must say again these are absolutely hard things for me and I have doubt that I could make it based on my lack of creativity.

However my difficulties would be barriers to entry since not many  people could make such training. Then it would be entry barriers for competitors. so if I would make it and fail at it, the lost would be just a waste of one year of my life, if I could do that without involving others to this project. IT might not be 100% useless  since it could be a nice training, a few people would enjoy it and some of contents would be used or copied by other trainers. 

I couldn’t imagine the experience of game creating for Arita City would be useful for this project,  that was a game I tried to make for local city sales in last year.

I guess all experience isn’t  useless in our lives.

I’m not sure how much and how long I should waste, but I will try.