Back to the daily work from Monday, but…

Yesterday, it was going to be attendance day for our kids but they weren’t allowed since we had been to abroad last week, and all travelers were required to stay home for two weeks.

I insisted that it’s not reasonable because Phillipin where we stay had less patients than Japan but my wife asked me to say more about it since she wasn’t willing to negotiate it then our kids stayed home whole a day as Japanese keds did so.

Today I had a lot of online meetings and webinars and online workshop until 10PM. I couldn’t take a rest without 15min during having two rice balls for a supper at 8PM. When I left my office, I received a message from my wife she might have a favor. Then I had to stay home from tomorrow to observe our health condition and take care of our children.

作成者: Toshiaki Ejiri

Born in Fukushima, working as web analytics consultant since 2000.


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