Answering IELTS Writing Task 2#217.

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I try to write articles for answering IELTS Writing Task 2#217.

Many people believe that modern music can have a negative impact on the young. Others believe the effect of modern music is positive.
Discuss both these views and give your opinion.

Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own knowledge or experience.Write at least 250 words.

IELTS Writing Task 2 #217

General link types of Ekşi Sözlük

This article was written by 矢立美月 @ pixiv

The most basic page design

画像に alt 属性が指定されていません。ファイル名: Gjv6iQlPuVOKz5htat8j4cjPeYz0kEGjSuMPx3_WXyzvuSICiKAnXld6JLhI1vgnocWvoT839Ezbg3rcKZ-GMul1_OH6Vl_Wio8anCu2B7-zUF7Axa7GbhJEI6MAqMShomTd9J0

Old basic web page design of Ekşi Sözlük, used between the years 2000-2012. (Original capture is exist on Wayback Machine, – March 2, 2008) This page design used has been imitated or modified by some dictionaries.


These dictionary sites have some hyperlink types. These hyperlinks are called bkz“, abbreviation for “bakınız“, can be translated to English as “see. These hyperlinks are used for  redirecting to another title that is referenced in an entry.
  • Görünmez bkz (hidden bkz): A bkz type which isn’t as parenthetical, such as ordinary hyperlinks. Generally used for the titles which are can be exist in a sentence.
  • Akıllı bkz (Smart bkz): A bkz type which is generally used when there are titles that can’t be used because they disrupt the sentence structure. The related title is hidden in an asterisk and when the mouse cursor is moved to the asterisk, a text message showing the related title is displayed. Clicking on the asterisk will take you to the title.
  • External link: Links to external sites that can be modified to include its text in a sentence.

General Introduction and Roots of Ekşi Sözlük

This article was written by 矢立美月 @ pixiv

General Introduction

Turkey’s first successful social media networks have arised with “dictionary-based social networks” which are exist since 1999. These networks are known as the oldest and most important examples of Web 2.0 in Turkey.

Why I can fortell with tarot cards.

I can foretell  with tarot cards. Even though  I only use 22 cards called Major Arcana, I can do it without watching any manual. I remember why I did it but I’m ashamed to write it in Japanese, then writing it in English is fine.

The hardest things in this year.

Today is the hardest day for me in this year.
My elder daughter tells us she has headache in the morning, and we often heard her grambles in the morning, then we ask her to go medical office for getting physical test, but she usually attended the class and didn’t go to the office, but today is not a the same day.

I went to my office for a while.

Today was a busy day. I wasn’t willing to, but I have to go to my office since and our accountant had asked me and my brother to meet offline. I haven’t go to my office for 2 weeks by train, and during riding a train I was feeling risks a little bit to have to stand too close to people.

Only waste of one year is fine. If you don’t try it is worse.

I was getting familiar with working in a co-working space.

Fortunately, I could occupy a seat that had a display that set at my eye level. Then I enjoyed working on it.