Hard things for my family in this year.

Hard things for my family in this year.

The day before yesterday became the last day we got a whole lessons for our family.

We took a rest enough yesterday and all my family go to school and study English from the morning. When I’m getting a listing exam in the second term of today, a staff enters our room and tells us all Japanese student are required to join emergency meeting immidiately.

The CEO Raiko-san said that Japanese Student decide when they bank to Japan soon or not by themselves since Japanese in Cebu have tendency they can’t back Japan for a month.

Yesterday over 50 patients are found in manila and the president order Manila airport to close for a month from 15th March and he declared that they are going to isolate areas where they find one patient in.

At first, I would like to stay Cebu because isolation and waiting in home will be occured in everywhere (within JPN) then we shouldn’t move other places and should stay in wherever we are.
However my wife suggest me strongly that we should back rapidly then we’ve decided to back to JPN rapidly.

Is it not so easy to get air ticket to Japan. All air ticket site can’t access well and ticket price is increasing intermittently but finally we got ticket from Cebu to Haneda with transaction Manila in the midnight 13th, then it’s the start of the adventure of our family to back to Japan.

After go to Manila from Cebu at 11PM, we have to wait flight to Narita until 7AM but we are not sure what and how to wait flight in Manila airport. I guess it might be tuff trip for our family then I ask my daughters that “It’s like a situation of survival mode of MineCraft, you should do you best and be careful during our journey.

and it’s really tough for kids.