I lost my confidence of English listening skill on Day2 in CEBU

TOday is the official first day of my English class in QQ English.

Since our class will be held from 8PM, we should go to school before the priod time.

Before 8AM, We receive each student’s lesson schedule note one by one from staff of the school.

At first, each of the students receives lesson schedule one by one from the staff. I’m already late since we have only 10 mins to bring  our children to their class. 

The first class is listening lesson called Randall’s listening class. After I attend this lesson I lost my confidence in English listening skill since I couldn’t. answer more than half of questions in this class.
After that, most of class is not so difficult especially the last grammer lesson I feel bored and ask the teacher if they have advanced level of grammar materials like “present participle” or “hypothesis method”‘ but they don’t.
Then I remind I should do listening training during staying here.I ask the staff to change materials of my class.

作成者: Toshiaki Ejiri

Born in Fukushima, working as web analytics consultant since 2000.


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