First Trial of Biz Comfort Office

I have been working in co-working space called ‘Biz comfort Nishi Ikebukuro’ since yesterday because of my family wants. Until last week I’d worked in my home for a week, but my desk is too small for me to work in there so efficiently, and my wife said my family had to take care of me for working then leaving home day time would be better for our relationship.

Yesterday was the first time to use this office and I felt I should have worked in there from earlier. It takes 20 min to go there by walk (sooner than my office by train) and facilities are not so bad, users can choose their desks and get free drink and furnitures looks cool and clean. Additionally two of desks have displays that are set at the same heights as the user’s eyes that prevent users from continuing to look at the laptop and damaging their necks and backs. It’s better than our office. Then I worked whole a day keeping my consentration on.

If you use this office as a guest, you pay 500yen/hour or 2000yen/day. You want to  use there 7/24, you need to be a official member of Biz comfort and get a Secom Security card to enter their office anytime. This office would be not so difficult for foreigners in Japan.

Biz comfort Ikebukuro Nishiguchi

作成者: Toshiaki Ejiri

Born in Fukushima, working as web analytics consultant since 2000.


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