A recommendation book: “How to write an essay that can be conveyed and moved readers”

I’ve admired Zunie Yamada, a famous trainer of essay and anther, then when I found her twitter account I followed immediately. Her tweets are clear and have findings.   


I recommend you to follow.

Anyway, a her book titled “How to write an essay that can be conveyed and moved readers” give me an opportunity to write an book. If I hadn’t find her book,  My book “Introduction of web analytics consulting (2005)” couldn’t have been such a good work. 

I’m not sure others review of it, but her book gave me a feeling that “I wrote that I want to tell completely”.    

Now I’m getting the lecture of Business presentation in Globis, I remind her book each time when I read the textbook sentence by sentence. I guess is there any book like hers in English? 

I think her methodology of writing essay that was written in the book is exceed the famous books how to write essay in English like ‘The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking’, so let me share only a part of the essence of it.

 Why it is exceed ‘ The Pyramid Principle: Logic in Writing and Thinking’ ? That famous book told only how to create and order messages for readers to understand easily. However her book told beyond that, it’s grounds of how to put myself stance, my roots philosophy and my mind on the essay. 

One of great tips for writing essay on this book is fixing themes below,

  1. opinion – what you want to say
  2. your hopefully result – aim to make whom be what.
  3. controversy – my awareness of issue
  4. readers – who they are
  5. my position – my position from the readers’ point of view
  6. basis of the argument – there is grounds that can convince readers
  7. fundamental think – the idea that set the base of your think

Your essay will be quite different without them. Writing following on logical think can tell easy to understand for readers, but writing based on her method can tell ont only easy but can  tell what I want readers to know and move them. 

Then I want  it will be translate in English.

作成者: Toshiaki Ejiri

Born in Fukushima, working as web analytics consultant since 2000.


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