Google Chromeの1/14のプライバシーサンドボックスについてのブログ「よりプライベートなWebの構築:サードパーティのCookieを廃止するための道」をレビューその2

1/24追記 日本語ブログ23日に出ましたね。ってことでこれいらんかもしれないけど、あってもいい気もするのでのこします。

We’ll also continue our work to make current web technologies more secure and private. As we previously announced, Chrome will limit insecure cross-site tracking starting in February, by treating cookies that don’t include a SameSite label as first-party only, and require cookies labeled for third-party use to be accessed over HTTPS. This will make third-party cookies more secure and give users more precise browser cookie controls. At the same time, we’re developing techniques to detect and mitigate covert tracking and workarounds by launching new anti-fingerprinting measures to discourage these kinds of deceptive and intrusive techniques, and we hope to launch these measures later this year.