A story about Takeshi and me.

A story about Takeshi and me.

I would like to introduce my friend Takeshi Izuka who is going to join as a speaker of South by Southwest Education in 2020.
He is going to have a speech on 9th March 2020.

He is a founder of Tech institute called Kirirom institute of technology.
He’s managing this school for supporting Cambodia and Japan.
His vision is really attractive but few people know his vision.

So, let me introduce him on my blog, because I used to unlike him since his company (Digital Forest, Takeshi’s company) was a greatest competitor of access analysis solution of my company (Kan corp.) .

Since they gave solutions for Enterprises and our targets were SMEs then no situation to be competitors about our clients, but we didn’t feel to keeping touch with each other.

We got investment from fund and we are going to be listed on Tokyo asset market, but our situation were changed by 2 serious competitors from foreign companies about 2010.

The first company is Omuniture, they give high quality access analytics solution to huge global companies. They said, their solutions were used by the top of companies who were listed on Forbus.

The second company is Google. Google’ve given Access log analysis solution. And it is supported by google and engineer. And it’s free.

We try to build competitive functions to overcome them, but finally we sold our companies.

In those day, I felt we were not able to win these solutions.
But he didn’t think like me.